About me

Rachel Goldstein is the director of Nature Friendly Health, selling quality nutritional supplements, and the founder of her own brand, Nurture, of clean, ethical and potent supplements. She is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. 


She offers 1-to-1 nutritional therapy, helping clients with weight loss, PCOS, and other issues associated with it.  She works in tandem with a pharmacist to ensure safe drug/supplement interactions.  Under Rachel’s guidance, for example, a client succeeded in losing 18kg and then kept it off!  Rachel helped her overcome many fears: that she would literally need to starve herself, give up what was comfortable and ultimately, fail.  The client overcame those fears early on, realised that it was all “doable” and enjoyed the recommended healthy and tasty foods.  Rachel has also helped clients with PCOS conceive and have healthy families.


Rachel's passion and expertise stems from her own struggles with fertility, where once an Omega-3 supplement recommended by a friend provided the support that was needed.

Despite the advice of a fertility consultant not to waste time and money on conventional medicine, Rachel persevered and conceived naturally, giving her a daughter.   This has moulded her to be insightful, confident, passionate and authentic and never be afraid to do what’s in the best interest of others she supports.  She firmly believes that you can achieve what you want in life with the right approach.  Her experience shaped her philosophy of nurturing oneself to make the world a better place.  


Rachel lives in London with her husband, six children, son-in-law, and grandson and loves to travel with them.